Engagement portraits are done!

Wedding Countdown Ticker
On Sunday, Rich and I met with Shawna in Deep Ellum and had a series of engagement portraits taken. I wore a swingy black-and-ivory polka dot Ralph Lauren dress with a strand of pearls. Rich wore a vintage-style black and ivory button-down with an ivory straw trilby. We started pics at around 6:45pm and walked around and shot through the evening, until it got dark. Shawna emailed last night to let us know that the pics are ready for viewing – Rich and I will meet with her next week to go through the images and select the best ones. Hopefully we’ll have a link available next week to an online gallery so you all can see.

We’re currently in communication with James from i-entertainment about a DJ contract, so hopefully we’ll have that figured out soon.

Saturday is cake tasting at Frosted Art; I’m pretty excited about that. 🙂

The last few weeks…

I just realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. We haven’t done too much lately, but I did sign a floral contract with Bride Associates (there will be roses, tulips, daisies, and a few orchids involved). And we met a nice DJ that we’ll probably end up signing with.

I’ve also gotten started on my wedding favors. 🙂 Not going to spoil the surprise here, but I think they’ll go over well. There’s a bit of DIY involved, but I enjoy doing crafty stuff.

I’ve sent a fabric sample (of the indigo organza from the bridesmaid dresses) to Rachel at Jim Lee Events so she can color-match the linens. I’m thinking white tablecloths and blue napkins, but will see what she thinks when she sees the swatch.

This Sunday is a big day for us – Shawna the photographer is going to meet with us for our engagement shoot in Deep Ellum. I’m pretty excited about that, but a little anxious about what I’m going to wear. Am contemplating doing a mid-shoot costume change. 😉 Once she has the photos, she says it’s a very quick turn-around to get me some prints to use as save-the-dates. So expect to see those in a couple weeks.

April 7 we’re meeting with the awesomely talented Frosted Arts Bakery people to talk about cake. I’m looking forward to that meeting – I already know how talented the bakery is; I just have to see if they’re affordable with our budget.

To do:
1. Sign a contract with a DJ.
2. Find someone to do the up-lighting.
3. Order invites – we have a pattern that I think we’re both in agreement on – I just need to place the order.
4. Find hair/makeup artist. I found a nice one that works in Deep Ellum that I may go with.
5. Buy veil, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.
6. Write vows, select readings for ceremony.
7. Confirm officiant.
8. Legal stuff – marriage license, name change, etc.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Last night Rich and I went into the “beyond” part of the store to take part in their Rock Your Registry event, where we spent a couple hours adding things to our registry. It was an interesting experience – there were about 60 or so couples, each of which were assigned their own personal store consultant to guide them around and help them select things. We didn’t necessarily need the help – we were mostly there for the goody bag, free food, and door prizes (we didn’t win anything). We did choose a nice china pattern, though.

Texas Discovery Gardens Grand Hall

Yesterday, Rich and I attended TDG’s Open House, where they showed off the new terrazzo tile floor. Pictures weren’t allowed inside, but I snapped this shot from the gardens out front. If you look closely, you can see a sample lighted logo on the back wall. We’re planning on doing something like that with our lighting, and we’ll have similar uplighting (though not the multi-color seen here). We enjoyed getting to see the space from the inside and trying to visualize our table arrangements, and got to spend some valuable time chatting with both our planner, Courtney, and our caterer, Rachel, who were among the hosts.

Marriage License

According to the Dallas County Clerk’s website,

Effective March 1, 2011, Dallas County Clerk’s Office along with the JP-Courts Office will only waive the $60 state portion of the marriage license fee for couples who complete an approved premarital training course and present the Twogether in Texas Certificate of Completion to the county clerk. Local County fee of $11 will be charged for the purchase of the marriage license with the Twogether in Texas Certificate of Completion. (Local County fees will not be waived).

For more information please click on the following link to search for marriage Education services in your area. www.twogetherintexas.com

*sigh* We gotta either spend eight hours in a class learing how to be married, or spend an extra $60.  Oh, and there’s a booklet for recommended reading, “When You Get Married.”  I wasn’t expecting there to be homework involved…


Wedding Countdown Ticker

Let’s see… the biggest announcement of the week is that I picked out my dress! 🙂 Yay! It’s on order, and it should arrive at the shop and be ready for my first fitting in June or July. We’ve also selected and ordered the bridesmaids’ dresses; they’re wearing this in indigo with indigo trim.

On Sunday, we met with Kristen, the floral designer at Bride Associates. She’s going to get back to us soon with some more information. We talked about orange and yellow flowers, table centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, bouquets and corsages. Calla lilies, tulips, daisies, orchids, etc. I’ll have a better idea of what she has to offer when she gets us the quote.

I touched base again with Rachel at Jim Lee Events (catering) and let her know that we’d officially chosen our colors. I’m debating between blue (indigo) tablecloths and orange napkins, or a more subdued white tablecloth with indigo napkins. I’ll let Kristen give me some input on what would look better with her flowers.

I’ve mailed in the contract for Serenata Strings. Rich and I have decided to have them perform the following:
Seating of Grandmother and Mothers: Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Entrance of Bridal Party: Bach’s Air
Entrance of Bride: Pachelbel’s Canon in D
Recessional: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

Still undecided on the prelude; perhaps one of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. And the cocktail hour will be full of fun standards.

We’re going to meet a potential DJ candidate on 3-10.

Still need to contact bakers about a cake.

This Saturday is reserved for fun time. We’re either going to Irish Fest or to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge party. Sunday evening is the Texas Discovery Gardens open house to show off the newly renovated Grand Hall (where we’re having our reception). If anyone wants to come and see, it’s 5:30pm to 7:30pm.


Good morning all!

We haven’t had a lot of activity this week, but we needed a break, because the coming weeks are going to be packed!

We did spend a couple hours on Sunday playing with the registry scanner gun at Macy’s. We’re debating on whether we need to register for super-fancy china and glassware, or if we should focus on a more casual set. We did add a few things, though, and will be working on it more in the coming months.

We’re working on finding a time to meet with a DJ, but that’ll probably be a couple weeks out.

One question for all: I have yet to schedule a time for our wedding rehearsal, but have just been in contact with the TDG people in regards to this. Our wedding date/time is Sunday, 9-16 at 6:00 pm. My proposal would be to have the rehearsal on Saturday, 9-15 in the late morning or early afternoon (maybe 11 or 12?). We’d need to clear out before 4:00 because there’s another wedding that day. So, basically, we’d have a rehearsal brunch/lunch following instead of a rehearsal dinner. Alternately, we could have the rehearsal Thursday evening, but I don’t think that’d work for our out-of-town guests.

Other than that, not much going on right now… We’re scheduled to look at dresses this Saturday at noon, and are meeting a florist on Sunday.


Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

Let’s see… in the past week, we’ve signed a contract with Shawna Hinkel for our photography. We’re tentatively scheduled engagement portraits with her on 4-1-12. She’s doing some research to see if the Dallas Museum of Art will allow us to photograph there, otherwise we’ll find some other cool place in Dallas for our pics. Once we get those done and choose our favorite image, she’ll quickly print up some “Save the Dates” for us. So expect to start seeing those in mid-April.

Sunday we met with Courtney at Bride Associates. She’s going to be our wedding planner/ coordinator. I’m fairly confident with handling vendor selection by myself, but she’ll be invaluable for day-of coordination. She works a lot with our venue, and is very familiar with weddings there.

Yesterday I contacted Serenata Strings again, and confirmed that they’re holding the date for us. I’ll sign a contract and send in a down-payment for them in the next couple days. I have until August to finalize their set list, but have it about half-way figured out so far.

Yesterday I also initiated contact with i-entertainment DJ / lighting services. They came highly recommended from our coordinator. Jason sent me an email asking a bunch of questions about our musical tastes- I’ll get together with Rich and formulate our response, then will try to meet with one of their DJs maybe next week.

I’m becoming really enamored of the idea of having Frosted Art do our cake. I’ve yet to contact them, but will likely do so in the next week or so.

I think that’s it for now. 🙂


We signed a contract with Jim Lee on Thursday for our catering services.  In addition to providing food and linens, they’ll provide flowers for the buffet tables.  Our rep is checking to see if they can also provide matching flowers for the reception tables at an additional fee (they don’t usually do this, but it would just make things easier).  If not, we’ll start contacting florists in the next few weeks.
I’ve made arrangements to meet with Tiff’s photographer friend, Shawna (we met her at the bridal show), on Friday after work.  She gets big bonus points with me by being willing to meet at 6:30 in the evening, and also because she works just a few miles from me. And being Tiffany’s friend doesn’t hurt. 😉
I’ve contacted Serenata Strings and asked them to reserve the date for us.  I need to get back to them later with a down payment and a set list.  They’ll be performing during the ceremony and cocktail hour.
I’m fairly certain at this point that our colors will be tangerine and cobalt/royal/navy blue (I’ll let Tiffany and Sara settle on the exact shade, since it’s what I’m going to dress them in).  The flowers and some accents will be tangerine/orange and the linens, blue.
Next up: dress shopping on 2-25.
Still need to research DJs.  Hoping to find a DJ who also does uplighting, otherwise, I need to hire a lighting person as well.  Cake can wait a few weeks, but am looking at Mon Petite or Frosted Art bakeries.  Haven’t started looking at florists yet.  Started looking at invitations last weekend – will try to reach a decision on those soon, so we can send save-the-dates.

There’s another bridal show in Plano on 3-11, if we still need some more inspiration. 🙂

Venue and Caterer are booked!

We’ve had a busy month! Rich and I met with Carron at Texas Discovery Gardens a week ago and secured the venue for 9-16-12. So it’s official now – people can ask me “when’s the date?” and I can actually answer!

And on Thursday, Rich and I met with Rachel at Jim Lee events and went ahead and booked their services as a caterer.

So now we’ve got the location and the food… now need some music, pictures, pretty dresses, cake, flowers, invitations, confirmation from our officiant… 🙂

Friday, I picked out a few invitations I like, and sent off a request for samples, so we’re getting that process started.

Plans for this week include starting registries, looking into getting a professional wedding planner, meeting with a photographer, and contacting a string quartet. Next week will involve researching DJs. Following week will be dress shopping.