vendor love!

Who would have thought I could weep happy tears at the sight of a vendor contract?  I received my invoice today from Dallas Light and Sound, and the total was 30% less than I’d expected!  When we met with Anthony and Craig a month or so ago, they went over all the things they’d like to do in the hall, and I had to stop them when they wanted to add in extras that were $300 over my budget.  They said that was ok – they would throw the other stuff in, since our numbers weren’t too far off.  Then we went outside, and they pointed out more stuff that they could do, that I hadn’t thought of before – a platform for us to stand on, a speaker system and mic for the officiant… more money… I said I’d have to think about it and figure out how to work it into the budget.  Anyway, when they sent me the invoice today, I saw that they just ended up throwing all that in for free!  I couldn’t believe the generosity!  I’m just overwhelmed.  And a very happy customer.  I thought these guys were just going to do a few uplights for us and that’d be it – but they’re doing so much more. They’re practically secondary wedding coordinators, even – they’ve offered advice and ideas about things that have nothing to do with lighting.  Anyway, I just couldn’t be happier with this service, and will post positive reviews for their company everywhere I can.  Much love for Anthony and Craig! ❤

Lighting vendor acquired!

Rich and I had a really productive meeting yesterday with Tony and Craig from Dallas Light & Sound. These guys have done tons of weddings at TDG and know everything there is to know about the space. So not only did they sell us a great lighting package, they made quite a few excellent suggestions on how to best utilize our space. For example, they recommended for the ceremony that instead of walking the full length of the allee, all the way to the fountain, that we stop about 2/3 of the way down. This both shortens the walk for me, and reduces the sound interference from the fountain. They also suggested renting an elevated platform on which to stand for our vows. This will give the guests a better view of the proceedings, and minimize grass damage to my skirt. And they can provide us with a mic and outdoor speakers so everyone can hear what’s going on.

They were also very helpful with picking out linen colors, since they know how different colors show up in their light. We’ve decided on ivory tablecloths with blue napkins. And the flowers will be a beautiful orange contrast. I feel much more confident after meeting with them, and can’t wait to see what they put together for us!

Updates for this week

I got a call last week that my dress has arrived at Alfred Angelo! And yesterday, got the call that Sara’s has arrived as well. Tiffany’s arrived the day before mine. Since Sara’s in finals week, we’re going to hold off on the fittings for a couple weeks and do it all together on June 2. Maybe that’ll give me a chance to lose just a few more pounds, too. 🙂

Also, we’re meeting with another vendor this weekend – Dallas Light and Sound, who is the preferred lighting vendor for Texas Discovery Gardens. We’re going to discuss uplights, gobo (lighted monogram on the wall), and a spotlight for the cake.