9 more days!

I just realized that I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks! 

Well, we’re almost there… Last weekend, Rich and I had a great visit with James the DJ, and I feel really good about having him as a major part of our wedding.  Turns out that even though he’s 10 years younger than me, our music tastes are very similar, so he had no problem understanding my tastes.  And it turns out, he’s a fan of Rich’s game company.  So, not only is he willing to interject some random game-related MP3s into the mix,  he gets why it’s funny.  🙂

Rich finally figured out what he wants to do for his groom cake, and got in touch with the baker about his concept.  You’ll have to wait and see…

I bought some fancy paper and printed out our programs.  They’re one page – front and back.  Just gotta fold them, and they’re good to go.

We finished our ribbon wands last weekend, and the ring-bearer books.

I think the only craft left is the card cage, which doesn’t need much to make it cute.

Tomorrow, we’re going to hit Spec’s to see about ordering a ton of alcohol.  Rich called them yesterday and learned that they will deliver (yay!), which is awesome, because I didn’t know how we were going to transport all that booze.

And tomorrow evening is Rich’s bachelor party.  I’m going to stay home and do laundry and watch chick flicks (or just get caught up on Torchwood) on Netflix.

Next week, we’re both working Monday and Tuesday, then taking the rest of the week off to get everything in order before the big day!

That’s about it for now…

46 days…

So far I have 95 guests who have RSVP’d in the positive, 24 have declined, and 105 yet to respond.  I’ve received my first registry gift and sent my first thank you note.

Rich and I started dance classes with Elaine of Vow to Dance last week, and we have our second lesson tonight.  We’re still narrowing down our first dance song, but I think it’s going to be something by Frank Sinatra.

We’re working on the rest of our DJ set list, and I think it’s nearing completion.  It’s going to be quite an eclectic mix.  Imagine Dean Martin, Gorillaz, LMFAO, TMBG and Tom Waits all in the same evening.

I’m getting awful hand cramps from punching blue and orange butterflies out of cardstock.  I did another couple dozen last night, and that was all I could handle. I dunno what I was thinking… they’re so pretty though.  Just a billion more to go.

Next week, on Thursday, my work is throwing me a bridal shower.  I’m both looking forward to and dreading this.  I don’t generally care to be the center of attention, and I tend to feel a bit guilty when people give me things.  But then, I always get stuff for everyone else’s bridal and baby showers, so I guess it’s my turn.

Next Saturday, my sister Tiffany’s throwing me a shower.  This should be interesting… we decided that it was an etiquette fail for me to invite coworkers to the second shower, since they’re already attending the first one.  But excluding them means that my girlfriends list is whittled down to only five people plus family.  And my mom wants to invite three of her friends.  So to balance things out, we’ve decided to invite boys to the party.  We’ll have Rich, the gaming group, and perhaps some of his coworkers.

August 22 at 5:00 is the final walk-through.  I’ve confirmed Sean, Courtney, Tammy, Craig, Mr. Johnson and Rich… I sent an email to Kristin and am awaiting her response.  Sean’s (caterer) the main one I need some face time with, so I think we’re good to go there.

We still don’t have a wedding band for Rich… will look more into that this weekend.  If we just can’t fine the right one, I think we can get by with something inexpensive as a temporary stand-in for the wedding, and shop more at our leisure later.

That’s about it for now.  More updates soon!

65 days!

Invites went out on Monday, and several people have already turned in their RSVP cards. Yay! I love opening those little envelopes and seeing peoples’ names.

Next task is to schedule the final walk-through at the Discovery Gardens. It’s not easy having to coordinate with the venue, planner, caterer, fiance’, and my cover at work, but everyone’s been really accomodating, so I think we’ll work something out.

I had a great email conversation with Sean this week, wherein I asked a bunch of questions about chairs and set-up and various other little details, and he gave me the firm answers that I was looking for. Basically he let me know that James Johnson will set up my ceremony chairs (which are provided by TDG). He recommends using TDG’s $2 chairs for the reception. He recommends seating 10 to a table instead of 8, as I’d originally planned; he pointed out something obvious that I’d completely overlooked – more tables = less dance floor. And of course more tables = more flowers, linens, etc., which = more money. Also, he can order any color of linens that I want, given a 10 day notice. So, we can go over all those little details when we meet up at the end of August.

So I’m feeling a little more confident about the little stuff now.

Other things on the to-do list for the next couple weeks:

  1. Sign a contract with my apartment leasing office to rent their comunity center for bridal shower (edit: check!)
  2. Get a list to Tiffany of people that I want to invite to shower (and decide if we want girls only or co-ed)
  3. Finish making a list for Shawna of family portraits that we want to have taken
  4. Decide on and book a rehearsal luncheon venue (currently under consideration: Buca di Beppo)
  5. Finish putting together favors
  6. Decide on a first dance song (hoping our choreographer can help with this next week)
  7. Choose about 30 songs and finalize the don’t play list for the DJ.
  8. Communicate with the officiant (who is currently at Comicon) about ceremony details

69 Days…

Saturday, we went to Texas Discovery Gardens for our 2-month walk-through.  We didn’t accomplish all that much other than giving them more money… We did learn, though, that they have 200 complimentary wood chairs for the outside ceremony, and they offer white plastic/resin chairs for inside for $2 each.  Round 60″ tables and rectangular 8’x30″ (either of which seat 8-10) are $6 each.  We’ll definitely use the outside chairs and the inside tables.  We might talk to Sean at Jim Lee to see if he has nicer chairs for the inside, or possibly do chair wraps or covers to fancy them up.

One of my concerns right now is figuring out the head table/s seating.  The hall has a large elevated stage area; big enough  for a large band to set up… but we only have a DJ who won’t take up much room.  So our initial thought was to put three head tables (bridal party and immediate family) up on the stage.  Problem is there are three steps leading up to the stage, and three people who can’t manage that walk up.  So we’re looking at other ways to seat people and use up some of that space.  Possibly a long table with just me, Rich, Tiffany, Sara, Ben, and Doc.  Or maybe those six with the addition of spouses; Katy, and Marlena… if we bring Tiffany’s husband Scott up, it seperates them both from their kids, unless we bring the three of them up too… And then what do we do about our parents and other siblings?  Ugh, such a mess.  Maybe just a sweetheart table up there, but there’s really too much space for one tiny table.  Anyway, I hope to get that all sorted out so0n.

On a more positive note, invitations are going out today.  Yay!  I’ve already gotten two RSVP cards back. 🙂

vendor love!

Who would have thought I could weep happy tears at the sight of a vendor contract?  I received my invoice today from Dallas Light and Sound, and the total was 30% less than I’d expected!  When we met with Anthony and Craig a month or so ago, they went over all the things they’d like to do in the hall, and I had to stop them when they wanted to add in extras that were $300 over my budget.  They said that was ok – they would throw the other stuff in, since our numbers weren’t too far off.  Then we went outside, and they pointed out more stuff that they could do, that I hadn’t thought of before – a platform for us to stand on, a speaker system and mic for the officiant… more money… I said I’d have to think about it and figure out how to work it into the budget.  Anyway, when they sent me the invoice today, I saw that they just ended up throwing all that in for free!  I couldn’t believe the generosity!  I’m just overwhelmed.  And a very happy customer.  I thought these guys were just going to do a few uplights for us and that’d be it – but they’re doing so much more. They’re practically secondary wedding coordinators, even – they’ve offered advice and ideas about things that have nothing to do with lighting.  Anyway, I just couldn’t be happier with this service, and will post positive reviews for their company everywhere I can.  Much love for Anthony and Craig! ❤