I have been a resident of Dallas for the last three years. I love living in the heart of downtown, and am constantly on the look-out for new and interesting restaurants, bars, museums, and all the cultural events that the city has to offer. When I’m not blogging (i.e., most of the time), I’m playing online poker, video gaming, reading, catching the latest movies, and hanging out with my boyfriend and my cat.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Angela. I love your blog! My mom came across it and suggested I look at it since I am getting married at the Texas Discovery Gardens in April. I read through your blog and got some very helpful hints out of it! Thank you! If you don’t mind, I am curious how you ended up setting up the room for the wedding. My fiance and I were trying to figure that out this weekend and I quickly got overwhelmed! Thank you! – Jennifer

    • angelaadams says:

      Best of luck to you! I thought the gardens turned out beautifully, even though we had to move everything indoors due to the rain.
      Our wedding photos are at http://shawnahinkel.smugmug.com/Angela-and-Rich – there are a few good pictures of the hall in there. We had 15 round tables on the floor, and had a long table on the stage for the wedding party. Sounds like a lot, but there was still plenty of room for dancing.
      I’m also going to point you to our wedding website – http://adamsandfleider.ourwedding.com – you might find the “vendors” link to be helpful; I’ve listed all my vendors and their contact information, and I thought they were all outstanding.
      Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

  2. angelaadams says:

    I just uploaded a picture of the floorplan our caterer made for us – that might help you visualize the space a bit better.

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