9 more days!

I just realized that I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks! 

Well, we’re almost there… Last weekend, Rich and I had a great visit with James the DJ, and I feel really good about having him as a major part of our wedding.  Turns out that even though he’s 10 years younger than me, our music tastes are very similar, so he had no problem understanding my tastes.  And it turns out, he’s a fan of Rich’s game company.  So, not only is he willing to interject some random game-related MP3s into the mix,  he gets why it’s funny.  🙂

Rich finally figured out what he wants to do for his groom cake, and got in touch with the baker about his concept.  You’ll have to wait and see…

I bought some fancy paper and printed out our programs.  They’re one page – front and back.  Just gotta fold them, and they’re good to go.

We finished our ribbon wands last weekend, and the ring-bearer books.

I think the only craft left is the card cage, which doesn’t need much to make it cute.

Tomorrow, we’re going to hit Spec’s to see about ordering a ton of alcohol.  Rich called them yesterday and learned that they will deliver (yay!), which is awesome, because I didn’t know how we were going to transport all that booze.

And tomorrow evening is Rich’s bachelor party.  I’m going to stay home and do laundry and watch chick flicks (or just get caught up on Torchwood) on Netflix.

Next week, we’re both working Monday and Tuesday, then taking the rest of the week off to get everything in order before the big day!

That’s about it for now…