Bridal portraits!

I met with Shawna Hinkel last night to look at bridal portraits, and they turned out great!  Ask me nicely and I may give you a direct link and password. 🙂 I’ve ordered one 16×24 canvas to display at the reception, and am trying to decide on what else I should order. 

And after seeing the photos, I am quite happy with the work Tai Tipton did on my hair and make-up.  It seemed so heavy and bold to me when I looked in the mirror, but in the photos, it looked great!  And Tiffany did a great job powdering my nose and touching up my lipstick throughout the shoot – I was so worried that I was going to look all hot and sweaty, but I don’t think you can tell.

24 days

It’s been a busy week for wedding planning!  When I wrote last, I was in a panic about possible rain on bridal portrait day.  As it turned out, I got very lucky and it was a warm but dry day.  Tai from Carpe Diem showed up at my apartment a little after 7 to do hair and make-up, and Tiffany arrived around 8. We finished up a little later than expected – mostly due to Tiff forcing me to eat something, and then taking a while to properly lace the dress (not her fault – it’s complex!).  Anyway, she managed to shove me and my dress into her car and got me to the Arboretum at 10.  An hour past when Shawna was expecting us, but not so bad, all things considered.  Shawna spent about two hours shooting, and found some beautiful backgrounds for me.  She emailed me a couple days ago to say she’s ready to show me the proofs, so I scheduled to meet with her this afternoon after work.  Hopefully we got some good shots – If there’s one I particularly like, I’d like to purchase a canvas wrap print to display at the reception.

Yesterday, Rich and I started our day with a nice long walk to the Dallas County Records building to obtain our marriage license.  It’s a big paper with a gold seal on it.  Very fancy.  🙂 Afterwards we walked to the Iron Cactus and celebrated with tacos and margaritas for lunch.

And at 5:00, my fiance’ and vendors and I all gathered at TDG to do our final walk-through.  We spent almost two hours gathered around a table, discussing details like the number of tables, where the gift table goes, what color table cloths, etc… We decided on 15 tables of 10 – that’ll give us more than enough room for the 130ish people I expect to attend.  And we’ll have a long rectangular head table on the stage.  There are so many little details that still have to be worked out, but it was really refreshing to see such a sharp, experienced group of people bouncing ideas off each other, and in such a familiar way.  It was clear that they all knew each other well and had all worked together many times before.  And as we were winding things up, someone started talking about a wedding they had at TDG last week, when there was a fierce rain storm.  They somehow managed to squeeze 180 guests into the butterfly house for a quick ceremony, while they set everything else up in the Grand Hall for the reception.   Courtney showed me a couple pictures, and it looks like it was a lovely ceremony. 🙂  So, I feel bad that that couple was somewhat inconvenienced, but at least my team now has a workable rain plan in place and know that they can do the same for me if the weather requires it.

32 days!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. 🙂 On August 4, Rich’s family in Chicago surprised me with a remote Skype shower. They had a party at Sue’s house and let us watch as they opened gifts for us. It was a little unusual, but really sweet, and we very much appreciated the gesture. 🙂

On Thursday, August 9, my coworkers threw a big shower in the conference room. There were tons of gifts, great food, and cake. I had a hard time making room in my apartment for all the wonderful presents, but I’m really going to enjoy using them all.

Saturday, August 11, my sister threw a shower for me in my apartment complex’s community room, which went surprisingly well. I did have a moment of panic on the day previous, when I realized that I had accidentally booked a different, smaller room… I was able to call the leasing office and get it straightened out, though, and everything went off without a hitch. We got tons more gifts (my apartment is really full of stuff now), my homemade sangria went over really well, and it was great seeing all the various groups of friends mingling.

I had another moment of panic this week regarding the cake. Rich and I had our tasting back in April, and I decided on the bride cake (he’s yet to finalize the groom cake plans). I emailed the baker the other day because I hadn’t received an invoice yet or paid a deposit. Turns out that there was a miscommunication – they were waiting for me to contact them before putting me on the books, and I was waiting for them to contact me… anyway, it worked out, since they still had my date available. I paid a deposit right then over the phone, so we’re back on track.

Next on the agenda is bridal portraits… and another opportunity for panic and stress. I’ve yet to meet the hair and make-up artists, but I feel confident in their work based on their website, and the owner has excellent email communication, so I’m sure they’re great… and of course I’ve worked with my photographer before, and trust her… what scares me is the weather. I’ve been updating’s extended forecast every hour for the last week and am really nervous that it’s going to rain on us in the middle of our outdoor photo shoot. We’re currently looking at 40% chance of rain for Sunday… I just don’t know what we’re going to do if it rains.

46 days…

So far I have 95 guests who have RSVP’d in the positive, 24 have declined, and 105 yet to respond.  I’ve received my first registry gift and sent my first thank you note.

Rich and I started dance classes with Elaine of Vow to Dance last week, and we have our second lesson tonight.  We’re still narrowing down our first dance song, but I think it’s going to be something by Frank Sinatra.

We’re working on the rest of our DJ set list, and I think it’s nearing completion.  It’s going to be quite an eclectic mix.  Imagine Dean Martin, Gorillaz, LMFAO, TMBG and Tom Waits all in the same evening.

I’m getting awful hand cramps from punching blue and orange butterflies out of cardstock.  I did another couple dozen last night, and that was all I could handle. I dunno what I was thinking… they’re so pretty though.  Just a billion more to go.

Next week, on Thursday, my work is throwing me a bridal shower.  I’m both looking forward to and dreading this.  I don’t generally care to be the center of attention, and I tend to feel a bit guilty when people give me things.  But then, I always get stuff for everyone else’s bridal and baby showers, so I guess it’s my turn.

Next Saturday, my sister Tiffany’s throwing me a shower.  This should be interesting… we decided that it was an etiquette fail for me to invite coworkers to the second shower, since they’re already attending the first one.  But excluding them means that my girlfriends list is whittled down to only five people plus family.  And my mom wants to invite three of her friends.  So to balance things out, we’ve decided to invite boys to the party.  We’ll have Rich, the gaming group, and perhaps some of his coworkers.

August 22 at 5:00 is the final walk-through.  I’ve confirmed Sean, Courtney, Tammy, Craig, Mr. Johnson and Rich… I sent an email to Kristin and am awaiting her response.  Sean’s (caterer) the main one I need some face time with, so I think we’re good to go there.

We still don’t have a wedding band for Rich… will look more into that this weekend.  If we just can’t fine the right one, I think we can get by with something inexpensive as a temporary stand-in for the wedding, and shop more at our leisure later.

That’s about it for now.  More updates soon!