69 Days…

Saturday, we went to Texas Discovery Gardens for our 2-month walk-through.  We didn’t accomplish all that much other than giving them more money… We did learn, though, that they have 200 complimentary wood chairs for the outside ceremony, and they offer white plastic/resin chairs for inside for $2 each.  Round 60″ tables and rectangular 8’x30″ (either of which seat 8-10) are $6 each.  We’ll definitely use the outside chairs and the inside tables.  We might talk to Sean at Jim Lee to see if he has nicer chairs for the inside, or possibly do chair wraps or covers to fancy them up.

One of my concerns right now is figuring out the head table/s seating.  The hall has a large elevated stage area; big enough  for a large band to set up… but we only have a DJ who won’t take up much room.  So our initial thought was to put three head tables (bridal party and immediate family) up on the stage.  Problem is there are three steps leading up to the stage, and three people who can’t manage that walk up.  So we’re looking at other ways to seat people and use up some of that space.  Possibly a long table with just me, Rich, Tiffany, Sara, Ben, and Doc.  Or maybe those six with the addition of spouses; Katy, and Marlena… if we bring Tiffany’s husband Scott up, it seperates them both from their kids, unless we bring the three of them up too… And then what do we do about our parents and other siblings?  Ugh, such a mess.  Maybe just a sweetheart table up there, but there’s really too much space for one tiny table.  Anyway, I hope to get that all sorted out so0n.

On a more positive note, invitations are going out today.  Yay!  I’ve already gotten two RSVP cards back. 🙂