The last few weeks…

I just realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. We haven’t done too much lately, but I did sign a floral contract with Bride Associates (there will be roses, tulips, daisies, and a few orchids involved). And we met a nice DJ that we’ll probably end up signing with.

I’ve also gotten started on my wedding favors. 🙂 Not going to spoil the surprise here, but I think they’ll go over well. There’s a bit of DIY involved, but I enjoy doing crafty stuff.

I’ve sent a fabric sample (of the indigo organza from the bridesmaid dresses) to Rachel at Jim Lee Events so she can color-match the linens. I’m thinking white tablecloths and blue napkins, but will see what she thinks when she sees the swatch.

This Sunday is a big day for us – Shawna the photographer is going to meet with us for our engagement shoot in Deep Ellum. I’m pretty excited about that, but a little anxious about what I’m going to wear. Am contemplating doing a mid-shoot costume change. 😉 Once she has the photos, she says it’s a very quick turn-around to get me some prints to use as save-the-dates. So expect to see those in a couple weeks.

April 7 we’re meeting with the awesomely talented Frosted Arts Bakery people to talk about cake. I’m looking forward to that meeting – I already know how talented the bakery is; I just have to see if they’re affordable with our budget.

To do:
1. Sign a contract with a DJ.
2. Find someone to do the up-lighting.
3. Order invites – we have a pattern that I think we’re both in agreement on – I just need to place the order.
4. Find hair/makeup artist. I found a nice one that works in Deep Ellum that I may go with.
5. Buy veil, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.
6. Write vows, select readings for ceremony.
7. Confirm officiant.
8. Legal stuff – marriage license, name change, etc.

3 thoughts on “The last few weeks…

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Time is getting closer and you have it all under control. We’re going to a wedding tomorrow night…I’ll take notes. The girl as of yesterday did not have her or the maids dresses fitted, no memory gifts done, no idea of what was to be used for farewell of the bride and groom, no limo rented, and probably more. Mom lives in Fl now and just came in Sunday. She was shocked and is now running around trying to get things done for daughter. Oh well! I don’t worry about you and Rich. You’re very organized. And we’re all very happy for you two. Love ya, mom and dad

  2. angelaadams says:

    Ohmigosh, I can’t imagine! I guess everyone has different priorities… I want to have everything in place well ahead of time, though, so that when the wedding day rolls around, I don’t have to worry about anything but being at the right place at the right time.

  3. Evelyn Adams says:

    It’s almost mind boggling reading about all of the wedding plans you have made! I knew when you first announced the engagement, you’d begin planning, and that you both have done. So pleased and happy that you can do all of this. ..It will all fall in place, all at the right time, because you are so organized.

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