Good morning all!

We haven’t had a lot of activity this week, but we needed a break, because the coming weeks are going to be packed!

We did spend a couple hours on Sunday playing with the registry scanner gun at Macy’s. We’re debating on whether we need to register for super-fancy china and glassware, or if we should focus on a more casual set. We did add a few things, though, and will be working on it more in the coming months.

We’re working on finding a time to meet with a DJ, but that’ll probably be a couple weeks out.

One question for all: I have yet to schedule a time for our wedding rehearsal, but have just been in contact with the TDG people in regards to this. Our wedding date/time is Sunday, 9-16 at 6:00 pm. My proposal would be to have the rehearsal on Saturday, 9-15 in the late morning or early afternoon (maybe 11 or 12?). We’d need to clear out before 4:00 because there’s another wedding that day. So, basically, we’d have a rehearsal brunch/lunch following instead of a rehearsal dinner. Alternately, we could have the rehearsal Thursday evening, but I don’t think that’d work for our out-of-town guests.

Other than that, not much going on right now… We’re scheduled to look at dresses this Saturday at noon, and are meeting a florist on Sunday.

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