No we don’t have a date set yet…

Why is it that from the moment of the proposal, everyone seems to think that we should already have the date and venue set? I’ve lost count of the number of well-meaning friends who have gushed over my ring, and then immediately asked, “so, when’s the date?” And reading is making me feel like I’m already behind in my planning, even though it’s been less than three days since I said, “yes.” *sigh* I just want to take a few days and bask in the love (not to mention the glow of my sparkly new diamonds), before I start to get too stressed about planning…

I’m at least starting to think about it, but don’t imagine we’ll make any final decisions for a while yet. At present, I think we’re probably going to be looking at a fall wedding… This spring is too soon, and spring 2013 seems too far away. And the summer and winter are far too temperate here in Dallas. And hopefully a fall ceremony will give me enough time to lose 30 pounds, so I can look my best in a wedding gown.

The main color I’m looking at right now is orange, probably paired with either green or yellow. That could totally change, though.

For venue, I’m currently intrigued by the idea of doing it at the DMA. Even before Rich proposed at the museum, I’d been fantasizing about the Hamon Atrium as a possible reception venue. And the ceremony could be in the sculpture gardens…

Other thoughts at this point include the Hotel Palomar, the W (I’ll be scoping this place out in a couple weeks, as this is the venue for my work holiday party), the Fort Worth Japanese Tea Gardens, or Avanti Fountain Place. And Rich doesn’t want me to rule out the possibility of a destination wedding, so there’s always that option as well. But I really want to at least have the reception here in Dallas, since that’s where my friends are.

Anyway, that’s where we are so far.

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